I am a Mama, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, certified Buti Yoga and HotCore Instructor, and RYT certified.  I started my Buti Yoga path in 2015 -- gaining Buti Yoga Levels 1-2, Hot Buti, and RYT through Creator and Founder Bizzie Gold.


BUTI is Love, Bliss, Magic. I love everything about this practice. It is so deep in my heart; not only for me, but I see how it affects other women as they fall deeply into themselves. I love the community it creates through embracing and encouraging without judgment. And I love the healing benefits of the body, mind, and spirit. It works, it challenges, and it's magic.

I am a fire girl -- sun lover, warm weather, fire within girl -- I love keeping my classes challenging and sweaty, yet deep and yummy. I'm also a form junkie and at the same time keep it wild and fun.  Come meet me on the mat and let's ignite some sparks!


buti yoga & hotcore instructor

200-hour ryt